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Procedure for Chemical Cleaningof condensate and feed water pipeline system 凝结水和锅炉给水管道系统化学清洗程序 1.0 SCOPE 范围 This procedure covers the chemical cleaning of Pre-Boiler (Condensate and feed water pipe system) for Sumsel-5 2x150 MW Coal Fired Steam Power Plant Project 该程序是 Sumsel-5 2x150MW 燃煤发电厂项目的锅炉前(凝结水和给水管道系统)化学清洗。 2.0 PURPOSE 目的 The purpose is to clear the impurities from inner surface of the pre-boiler water pipe line, such as metal debris, oxide, oil, dust, and metal oxide produced in inner surface during equipment manufacturing and installation, and to ensure the water and steam quality of pre-boiler water system. 3.0 RESPONSIBILITIES 工作职责 3.1 The T/G Area Manager shall make sure that is implemented at site 汽轮发电机区域经理应确保在施工现场实施化学清洗。 3.2 The Piping Superintendent or engineers are responsible for implementation of this instruction. He has to check that requirement in chemical cleaning is properly adhered to as indicated in this instruction. 管道主管或工程师负责执行该措施。他们应在化学清洗期间检查,要求正确地履行这个措施。 3.3 The chemical cleaning Supervisor is responsible for the arrangement of all processes involved in the execution of chemical cleaning work. He has to make sure that standard code practice is applied accordingly. 化学清洗主管应负责所有进程的安排, 参与化学清洗工作的执行。他必须确保标准惯例相应的 执行。 3.4 The QA/QC personnel in charge of chemical cleaning are responsible in assuring that the requirement in this procedure are properly implemented and followed. QA / QC 人员负责化学清洗,负责确保本程序的要求正确地实施和跟踪。 4.0 CLEANING SCOPE 清洗范围 The condensate system and boiler feed water system. (Mecanical Cleaning after and before Dearator and Condensate ) 凝结水系统和锅炉给水系统(在除氧器和凝结水前后机械清洗)。 5.0 Necessary Precondition Check 所需要的预先检查 The following systems must be normal and can be put be operation separately and have corresponding operation measures. 下列系统必须正常,可以单独操作并且有相应的操作措施。 (1) Hydraulic pressure test for the system must be finish. 系统水压试验必须完成。 (2)Insulation in the system should be .pleted. 系统保温应当完成。 (3) Finish the trial operation of Condensate Transfer Pumps and Condensate Drain pumpsand feed water pumps. 凝结水输送泵,凝结水排放泵和给水泵运行完成。 (4) Finish the trial operation of pneumatic &motorized of Shut off valve. 气动和电动截止阀试运行完成。 (5) Condensate, Feed water, and temporary system have been mate heat insulation. 凝结水,给水和临时系统已经配备热力保温。 (6) Before alkali cleaning, all the related systems should be checked and confirmed by the related groups. All kinds of desuperheating water should be .pletely close off. 在碱洗之前,所有相关的系统应检查,并且由相关人员确认。所有减温水系统应当完全关闭。 (7) The access is unblocked and the lighting is enough at field. There is reliable .munication equipment. 现场通道畅通和照明足够。有可靠的通信设备。 (8) Prepare qualified chemicals for alkali cleaning. 合格的化学药品应准备用于碱冲洗。 (9) During chemical cleaning period, there should be continuously industrial water supply, demineralized water supply, steam supply, waste fluid discharge and disposal condition. Keep full of industrial water and demineralized water in advance, boiler make-up water processing system should have continuous operating condition. 化学清洗期间,应该有连续的工业供水、除盐水供应、供汽、废液排放和废物处理条件。预先 保持充足的工业水和除盐水,锅炉补给水处理系统应在连续操作状况。 (10) The .mander, operator, troubleshooters, and chemicals analyzers are qualified. 指挥员,操作员,维修员,化学分析仪员应均为有资格的人员。 (11) Discharge system is unblocked, wash water tank and neutralization tank are qualified. 排放系统应畅通,清洗水箱和中和箱应是合格的。 6.0 Temporary Major Equipment and Tools 临时主要设备和工具 6.1 Condensate System 凝结水系统 Temporary Line is from Chemical Dozing Pump to Condenser Hot Well. 临时管道是从化学加药泵到凝汽器热井管道. 6.2 Water Requirement for Alkali Cleaning 碱洗水需求量 No. 1 2 3 Equipment 设备 Deaerator 除氧器 Condenser Tank 凝汽器水箱 Piping Condenser 凝汽器管道 Volume (m )体积 140m 220m 22m 3 3 3 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Piping Feed Water 给水管道 HP Heater 1 高加 HP Heater 2 高加 HP Heater 3 高加 LP Heater 4 低加 LP Heater 5 低加 LP Heater 6 低加 TOTAL 总计 17m 22m 21m m 3 3 3 3 6m 6m 6m 3 3 3 460 m 3 6.3 No. 1 2 3 4 Chemical Requirement for Alkali Cleaning 碱洗化学品需求量 Chemical 化学品 TSP DSP Detergent 清洗剂 Anti Foaming ( if Needed ) 防泡沫剂(如果需要的话) Concentration 浓度 1 % 0.6% 0.05% Quantity 数量 4.600 kg 2.760 kg 230 kg 7.0 ALKALI CLEANING PROCEDURE 碱清洗程序 (1) Initial Water Filling to the Piping System, Start Circulating Water Pump and Check water leakage, and make sure there is no leakage at all connection. The mixing tank (Chemical Dozing point) will use Condenser Hot well. 初始加水到管道系统,启动循环水泵,检查渗漏情况,确保整个连接系统无泄漏。 混合箱(化学加 药点)将使用凝汽器热井。 (2) If the temperature water could not reach 60-800C, then Inject steam from auxiliary steam system to Deaerator to keep the water solution temperature up to 60-800C。 如果水温度不能达到 60-80 度,然后从辅助蒸汽系统注入蒸汽到除气器,保持水的溶解温度高 达 60–80 度。 (3) Fill Alkali/Degreaser to condenser Hot well and keep the pH 10-12. 加入碱/脱脂剂到凝汽器热井和 pH 值 10-12。 (4) Circulate 8-10 hours continuously and check the PH and Oil Content every 30 minute. 循环持续 8-10 小时, 每 30 分钟检查 PH 值和含油量。 (5) Stop Circulation Pump if the oil content reach the stable value (Three times). 停止循环泵,如果含油量达到稳定值(三次)。 (6) Drain the solution and pump out to the permanent waste pond. 排放溶液并且泵出到永久废液池内。 (7) Line up Clean water to the piping system. 管道系统加入清洁水。 (8) Start circulation pump up to 2 hours. 启动循环泵 2 个小时。 (9) Take sample and analyzed value of pH, and turbidity every one hour.(Visually clear water and pH=7-9). 取样并分析 PH 值,每个小时浑浊度检查(外观清洁水 PH=7-9). (10) Drain the rinsing water to the permanent waste pond. Re-filling with fresh water and start circulation again. This procedure shall be done until the water visually clear and clean. 排放冲洗水到永久的废料池。 重新加淡水和重新开始循环。这个过程应当做直到水在视觉上清 晰和干净。 8.0 Alkali Cleaning Circulation Route 碱清洗循环路径 Condenser Hot Well use as Mixing Tank and Condensate Pump and Feed Water Pump use for Main Circulating Pump. Detail Circulation route as below. 凝汽器热井用于混合箱,凝结水泵和给水泵用于主循环泵。详细循环路径如下: Condensate System, LP Heater and Boiler Feed Water System and Deaerator. 凝结水系统,低压加热器,锅炉给水系统,除氧器。 9.0 Chemical cleaning waste treatment 化学清洗废物处理 Alkali cleaning and Water rinsing waste are discharged to unit drainage transfer to the waste water pond for further treatment. 碱清洗和水冲洗废物排放到废水池,将来进行进一步处理。 10.0 Exclusion 除外 Equipment and piping accessories which should be dismantled when chemical cleaning Process。 在化学清洗完成后,设备和管道配件应拆除。 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) Boiler 10 ton auxiliary 辅助锅炉 10 吨 Mixing Tank 10 m3 搅拌箱 10 m3 Mixing pump 70 m3 搅拌泵 70 m3 Panel pump 泵盘柜 Spectrophotometer, pH meter 分光光度仪,PH 仪。 Conductivity digital temperature 数字温度导电率。 11.0 Safety precaution 安全预防措施 (1) The chemical cleaning personnel must be qualified training. .plete and enough individual guard goods are prepared.The individual guard goods mainly includes: rubber gloves, rubber shoes, protective glasses and protective mask. 化学清洗人员必须经过合格的训练。准备齐全和充足的个人防护设备。个人防护设备包括:橡 胶手套,橡胶鞋,防护性眼镜和防护性面具。 (2) Electric welding, fire source and smoking are prohibited on the boiler and in the field during chemical cleaning. High altitude work is prohibited above cleaning panel, temporary laboratory test and duty room to prevent matters dropping from high place. 化学清洗期间禁止在锅炉上和本区域内电焊,火源和烟。禁止清洗盘柜的高空作业。临时实验 室和值班室负责阻止高空坠落事宜。 (3) Enough foam and fire extinguishers should be prepared for chemical cleaning in field. The materials and tools for urgent repair and eliminating defect such as steel wire, and acid resistant rubber should be prepared. 在化学清洗现场准备足够的灭火泡沫和灭火器。 用于紧急修改的材料的工具以及剔除缺陷的工 具,例如,钢丝绳,耐酸橡胶等需准备好。 (4) The lighting system is enough in field. 现场应有充足照明系统。 (5) Make barricade from color tape around the boiler, pump room and cleaning tank, and the alarming signs with notable writing of “NO SMOKING AND FIRE” “NO ADMITTANCE EXCEPT ON BUSSINUSE” “DANGEROUS ACID LIQUIT” etc. 用彩色胶带做成路障围在锅炉,泵房和清洗泵周围。警示标牌需用显著地文字标注,例如 NO SMOKING AND FIRE (禁止烟火),NO ADMITTANCE EXCEPT ON BUSINESS(闲人免进),DANGEROUS ACID LIQUIT (危险酸性液体). (6) Remove all unnecessary goods remained near the system and in the access or stair after the .pletion of installation to guarantee unblocks access. 在安装完成后撤除所有在系统附近,通道内或者楼梯内的不必要的物品以保证通道畅通。 (7) The personnel contacting acid and ammonia should be instructed in advance and wear acid resistant clothes with rubber hood, rubber shoes, rubber glove, protective glass and protective mask. 接触酸和氨的人员应提前通知,并穿上防酸工服和橡胶体罩,橡胶鞋,橡胶手套,防护性眼镜 和面具。 (8) All chemicals are qualified subject to check; the inhibitor is qualified subject to small scale test in field. 所有化学品都需检查;抑制剂需要在现场小范围内试验。 (9) The operation measures of satisfying alkali boiling-out process requirements have been mate. 碱煮炉工艺要求操作措施已一致。 (10) There should have doctors or the medical team with necessary goods and rescuing person on duty in field for first aid treatment. 现场应有医药队和急救人员在现场值班,以备急救治. FLOW CHART OF CHEMICAL CLEANING PREBOILER EXECUTION 锅炉前化学清洗流程图 STEP 步骤 Water flushing 水冲洗 INJECT 加入 CRITERIA 标准 Demin water 除盐水 Clear Visually 外观清洁 Preheating 预加热 Steam of auxiliary boiler 辅助锅炉蒸汽 Temperature 温度 60 – 80°C Duration 持续 3 – 4 hour 小时 Duration 8-10 hours 持续 8-10 小时 TSP Alkali cleaning 碱洗 DSP 1% 0.6 % 0.05% Ph Conductivity,PH 电导率 Total PO4,P-Alkalinity 合计 PO4,P-碱度 M-Alkalinity,Oil Content Detergent 清洗剂 Rinsing afteralkali cleaning 碱洗后冲洗 Demin water 除盐水 总碱度,含油量 Clear Visually, Ph < 9.0 外观清洁,PH< 9.0 Drain 排放 Keterangan 备注 : Permanent Line 永久管道 Temporary Line 临时管道 DEAERATOR 除氧器 TANK HP LP 4 heater 1Heater f LP 5 heater HP 2 heater LH 6 hearer hearer H 6 Gland sealing 轴封 LH 7 hearer Feed water pump 给水泵 A-B HEATER Condenser pump 凝结水泵 A-B Condenser Tank 凝结水箱 Mixing pump 搅拌泵 Boilertemporary Mixing tank 搅拌箱 临时锅炉